Collecting on behalf of 3rd Parties

We in BOOKS Plus will occasionally sell goods on behalf of another party.

BOOKS Plus is committed to your privacy, here’s how we keep you informed:

– Products that are sold on behalf of or where proceeds are given too a third party will be marked in a specific category and will be stated in either the product title or short description.
-If there is no product order fulfillment by the third party, then no data will be shared.
– In the circumstance that an order is fulfilled by this third party, only your name, address, email and phone number (if you have provided it) is shared with them. This is for the sole purpose of fulfilling your order.
– If you have donated money to the third party, then as above, your name, address, email address and phone number (if you have provided it) will be shared with them, unless you specifically ask us to keep it anonymous.
– Your payment details are not shared, in fact, even we do not store your payment details.
BOOKS Plus will never sell your data or agree to give your data to third parties who are in the business of selling data.