My Night in the Hospital

Hi, I’m Tom.

I’m the store manager for BOOKS Plus.

For 3 years now I’ve been privileged to work in the book shop, serving the University Hospital of Wales. This is the first time I’ve been under their care and service!

Since as early as I can remember, I’ve had ear infections and after ear infections and other growths; with operations galore, all culminating in leaving me deaf in my left ear. Today was another operation, but the first in Cardiff.

I am thankful for the brilliant and caring nurses, anaesthetists and not to mention the brilliant Surgeon who was very kind, caring and forthcoming with communication. Also not to mention my wife!

I am also very thankful for the NHS who provide this service for free. We may complain about waiting times and things, but, the service and care is amazing. The staff at the UHW should be praised for their care.

Even in a low morale environment, which is full of high expectations of staff, these nurses, doctors work so hard and often without enough praise.

Let’s be thinking and praying for our NHS, for the tireless, endless and thankless work that they do.

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