The Whole of Life for Christ


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  • Want to grow in discipleship?
  • Mark Green & Anthony Billington explore how to bring more of Christ into your life
  • Over 7 studies you’ll discover what whole-life-discipleship means

Suppose for a moment that Jesus really is interested in every aspect of your life.

Everything – the dishes and the dog and the day job and the drudgery of some of the stuff you just have to do, the TV programme you love, the staff in your local supermarket as well as the homeless in the local shelter, your boss as well as your vicar, helping a shopper find the ketchup as well as brewing the tea for the life group, the well-being of your town and the well-being of your neighbour…

Suppose the truth that every Christian is a new creature in Christ, empowered by the Spirit to do his will, means that Christ is with you everywhere you go, in every task you do, with every person you meet …

Suppose God wants to involve you in what he’s doing in the places you spend your time day by day …

Suppose your whole life is important to Christ …

He does.

These seven studies will help you explore and live out the marvellous truth that the gospel is an invitation into whole-life discipleship, into a life following and imitating Jesus.


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