Hometown History – Cardiff


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Sharpen your skills and become a history investigator. These fun and engaging puzzles are designed to test your brain, skills and knowledge about your home town. Contains the following: True or False, What Happened Next, Code Breaker, Look, Listen, Sniff, I’m A Celebrity, Chart Buster, How Much, You’re History. And lots more fun activities that help you examine history up close.

Cyfle i chi fod yn ymchwilydd hanes. Ceir yma bosau wedi’u cynllunio i brofi eich meddwl, sgiliau a gwybodaeth am eich tref enedigol a phrifddinas Cymru. Gyda map defnyddiol i’ch tywys, fe welwch fod mwy i Gaerdydd nag oeddech wedi’i ragdybio!


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