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The Message//REMIX 2.0 Bible with it’s contemporary cover image is the modern English Bible translation that delivers all the power, energy and down to earth impact experienced by the first hearers and readers of God’s written-down word.

This ‘remixed edition’ features the reinstatement of verse numbers – never a part of the earliest written Bibles and not included in the first edition of The Message Bible. Additional helpful features include expanded introductions to each book of the Bible that explain the purpose of the book, who wrote it, and for whom it was written.

If you’re new to reading the Bible, or find other translations difficult to read and interpret, you might try reading this easy to follow paraphrase. The Message reads like a normal book with simple sentences and modern English words. As the author stresses, it isn’t meant to replace traditional translations but is just meant to be an accessible way to approach God’s Word.

This edition comes in a stylish paperback format, and would make a fantastic gift for new, young and questioning Bible readers.

Features Include:
– Font Size: 8pt
– Book Introductions
– Maps & Charts
– Topic Guide for students
– Measures 5.25 x 7.1 inches


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