NIV New Testament


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  • Ideal for use in outreach
  • This NIV New Testament is accessible and affordable
  • You’ll be ready to share the Bible at any opportunity

NIV New Testament paperback edition – with Anglicised and updated 2011 text

Bright, attractive and economical, this NIV New Testament ideal for outreach, mission and just for an easy to find extra-copy pocket New Testament.

8 point font size, handy edition for your car, bag, desk or ready to give away when that opportunity arises. Be ready!

The Bible is the world’s best-selling book – it has influenced and inspired millions through the ages. The New Testament recounts the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and follows the first Christians as they begin to spread his revolutionary message to people all around the world. The New International Version is the most popular Bible translation in modern English. It is both readable and accurate, and this edition includes shortcuts to well-known stories and people in the Bible, as well as an introductory reading plan and a selection of passages offering help and guidance.


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