What Happens When You Die Grandpa?


Barcode: 9781838580032

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  • For ages 4-9
  • This heartfelt book helps children understand death and life
  • A delightful book that is emotionally clear and supportive
Every year on Grandpa’s birthday, the cherry tree is covered in blossom. But this year there is nothing left but a stump.
‘The tree was very, very old,’ said Grandpa. ‘It was time for it to die.’
‘You’re very, very old,’ Harriet said anxiously. ‘Are you going to die?’

In this moving story about cherry stones and poppy seeds, caterpillars and baby chicks, Harriet learns about death and new life.

“This is a delightful book, which will enable parents to give their children a simple and clear understanding of death and heaven – a subject all too often ignored or evaded.”


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