Who Jesus Was


Adventures through the Bible with Caravan Bear and Friends

Barcode: 9780745978130

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  • For children aged 7-11
  • These animal tales share messages from the Bible
  • A delightful storybook that is perfect for bedtime

Christopher Rabbit turned the pages of the Bible, but it was getting dark and quite hard to read. Caravan Bear fetched an oil lamp. Whitby and Hector drew nearer. “Some wise men had heard about the birth of Jesus,” Christopher Rabbit said. “They wanted to see him…” Caravan Bear once again hitches up Hector the horse to the brightly painted gypsy-style caravan and, with Whit by the dog and Christopher Rabbit, sets off in search of new adventures. Enjoy Rabbit’s storytelling along the way, interrupted by frequent questions from the travellers and other animals they meet. Do you think Jesus knew he was God’s son when he was twelve? Why did Jesus want John to baptise him? Did Jesus like being famous? Why didn’t Pilate release Jesus?

The Animals’ Caravan has echoes of children’s classics such as The Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland, as the caravan travellers form a great friendship on their journey together.


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