Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story. Hardback


Barcode: 9781785064708

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  • For kids ages 6-12
  • This book is a fresh way of opening up the Gospel of Luke
  • Told with humour and creativity, this is perfect for sparking an interest in the Bible

“Good Evening, and a very warm welcome to my marvellous story”

Fresh from the fizzling imagination of Gemma Willis comes a whole new way of seeing the story of Luke. Part doctor, part detective, all disciple.

Every page of this book bursts with doodles, drawings, and discovery.

Booming angels, swirling baptisms in great rivers, storms and seeds and stories of impossible miracles.

It’s all here to read.

It’s all here in Luke’s story as this doctor-turned-detective sniffs out the source of all these incredible events and miracles.

Starting with an impossible birth, and ending with the stunning twist of a dead man coming back to life, Luke’s diary needs reading to be believed.

Friendly and fun-filled, this ever-quirky Diary of a Disciple is perfect for 6-12 year olds. It brings the Gospel to a whole new generation looking for exciting stories to dive into.

So get comfy in your favourite chair, open up this exciting book, and be wowed at all the amazing things that really happened…


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