The Doctor Who Became A Preacher


A Childrens book about Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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?We are thankful for this series which introduces the littlest kids to some of the biggest names in church history. The illustrations are engaging and the writing is simple, yet edifying. We look forward to reading these books to our own children.? ? KEVIN AND TRISHA DEYOUNG

?I?ve read these books. I?ve read them all. I?ve seen the pictures big and small. They?re full of truth. They?re good to read. They?ll bless the children. They?ll meet a need. Make God?s work known, to children young and old. Enjoy the reading, these tales must be told!? ? MARK DEVER

?My love for history began when I was very, very young, maybe four, at most five. I was introduced to historical riches by way of materials suited to my age and God used that to fashion me by grace into what the Puritans called ?a Lord?s remembrancer?. These board books, unique in many ways, are ideal to kindle a similar love for history, especially a love for the tremendous story of God?s people. I heartily recommend them to parents and grand-parents. In a day when knowledge of the past is increasingly shallow, even among Christians, these are a key antidote.? ? MICHAEL A.G. HAYKIN

Doctors don?t often become pastors. In The Doctor Who Became a Preacher, find out why ?the Doctor? left medicine to preach God?s word.

Try to spot a rocking horse, a boat, and even Queen Elizabeth.

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