Wild Words of Sport


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Wild world of sport – devotions for kids, What is a “can of corn” in baseball?
Why are there turkeys at the bowling alley?
Who kicks a squib, joins a peloton, or does the Fosbury flop?
You’ll find answers to these questions, and many more, in Wild Words of Sport: 90 Life Lessons for Kids Ages 8 to 12.
Whether you love
baseball ,basketball, football, hockey, soccer, bowling, surfing, equestrian, tennis, track, or many other types of competition you’ll enjoy the explanations of the weird and wonderful terms that pepper the sports world.
Plus, you’ll gain insights for life from the age-appropriate devotional thoughts based on the easy-to-understand New Life Version of the Bible.
It’s a touchdown. . . a grand slam. . .and a slam dunk. . .all rolled into one!


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