A New Day


Moving on from hunger, anxiety, control, shame, anger and despair

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A New Day Moving on from Hunger, Anxiety, Control, Shame, Anger and Despair

  • For anyone struggling with their emotional health
  • Emma Scrivener shares her own story of anxiety and hope to help others
  • You’ll discover how faith can speak to life’s difficult circumstances
‘I’m controlling and insecure and desperate to prove my own worth,’ admits Emma Scrivener. ‘I’m a Christian, but I don’t always feel like it.’
There are lots of how-to books out there. In terms of the practicalities of recovery, they’re brilliant. What they don’t address is the spiritual dimension. However, even when writing about ‘spiritual recovery’, the author confesses that it’s tempting to offer some sort of programme or strategy.’But I don’t think I’ve got one,’ she says. What she does offer are practical suggestions for how to apply gospel truths to practical circumstances.

With honesty, examples from real life (including her own), Emma connects with her reader. She shows how the gospel can speak to every heart and every addiction, equipping readers with confidence in Christ’s sufficiency and the power of his Word and Spirit to bring change where change seems impossible.


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