Confessions of a childless mother


Learning to trust God through infertility

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An increasing number of couples in the UK now experience the heartache of infertility. Perhaps you are in that position yourself, wondering why God should allow such a deeply painful providence in your life. Perhaps you feel very alone as a couple, and wonder if anyone else has ever experienced the heart-rending emotions you now struggle to manage. Or perhaps it is somebody you love who is walking this painful path, and you long for some insight into how best you can support them.

This book is written by someone who knows first-hand the grief of infertility. It is a truly honest account of her and her husband?s struggles with all the painful aspects of this trial. Including testimonies from many others about how they too have grappled with the issues, this book above all encourages readers in the midst of their pain to find peace in God and His Word.

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