Vanishing Grace – What Ever Happened to the Good News? by Philip Yancey


Vanishing Grace – What Ever Happened to the Good News? by Philip Yancey

  • Feel like faith is getting a bad reputation in the world?
  • This book is a passionate call to put the ‘good’ back in Good News
  • You’ll find a plea for grace to return to the centre-stage of faith

Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey answers the question that perplexes so many Christians today: Whatever happened to the good news of the Gospel, and why is the world so reluctant to accept its offer of grace for all?

In a world where the Church and Christians are accused of intolerant and fundamentalist attitudes, lifelong pilgrim and spiritual explorer, Philip Yancey, faces up to these criticisms – fair and unfair, with all the compassion and honesty that made his landmark ‘What’s So Amazing about Grace?’ a bestseller for Christians of every tradition and denomination.

If the Church stirs up such negative feelings, he asks, just what is the good news we’re supposed to giving to the world? Yet even as UK Christianity continues to decline, and fewer people seem willing to identify with traditional forms of Christian worship, indicators show that interest in spirituality is rising.

So why is this, and how can we as Christians show that the gospel of grace is the answer?

To solve this apparent contradiction and meet a modern need, Philip Yancey is constant as ever in his belief that grace is the essence of the Christian faith. In Vanishing Grace he  proves that only grace, offered freely and unreservedly, can satisfy.

Philip Yancey invites you to take a close look at what the gospel’s good news really says and reignites your desire to respond with grace-filled thoughts, words and actions toward people inside and outside the church. Both, he insists, are still thirsty for grace.

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Vanishing Grace – What Ever Happened to the Good News? by Philip Yancey

‘Why does the church stir up such negative feelings?’ This is a question that Philip Yancey has been asking all his life – for himself, as a pilgrim; for others, as a journalist. The question is more relevant now than ever: in the UK Christianity continues to decline, even as it is increasingly thought to be linked with intolerant, fundamentalist attitudes.

Yet while identification with traditional forms of Christian religion is dropping, indicators show that interest in spirituality is rising. Why the disconnect? Why are so many asking, ‘What’s so good about the “good news?”‘

Yancey’s lifelong writing career has always focused on the search for honest faith that makes a visible difference for a world in pain. In his landmark book What’s So Amazing about Grace? he issued a benchmark call for Christians to be as grace-filled in their behaviour as they are in asserting their beliefs.

People inside and outside the church are still thirsty for grace, Yancey points out. Perhaps what the church seemed to lack in its heyday is now, in its increasingly marginalised stance, exactly what it needs to recover in order to thrive. Grace can bridge the gap across the movement away from Christianity, inviting outsiders as well as insiders the chance to take a deep second look at why it matters and what could reignite its appeal to future generations.

How can Christians offer grace in a way that is compelling to a jaded society? And how can they make a difference in a world of such wrenching need? Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News is a milestone book for all those who are striving to make sense of their faith and live it out amid the changing landscape of our day. Philip explores how Christians may have contributed to hostility toward them by presenting the gospel in ways that come across as strident and judgemental. Then he explores what kind of news is good to a culture that thinks it has rejected the Christian version. And finally, he offers illuminating stories of how faith can be expressed in ways that disarm even the most cynical critics – through pilgrims, activists, and artists rather than through preachers, evangelists, and apologists.


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