Shattered, God’s view through life’s broken Windows


Shattered, Gods view through lifes broken Windows

When our son was born with severe and complex brain injury our hearts and dreams lay broken. We were shattered. For many others like us, life events arrive accompanied by a deep sense of loss, grief or heartache. Maybe it’s a relationship breakdown, death of a loved one or the collapse of a dream. Our journey as the parents of a child with a life-limiting condition has shown us that quick fixes remain in the DIY shop. Transformation however, from within our circumstances, is not only possible but the very nature and heart of God. Through this 40-window devotional we will share how brokenness became our invitation into wholehearted living. How we discovered that brokenness doesn’t necessarily need fixing but rather growth, transformation and abundance happens in the broken edges of life.

Rachel and Tim’s corny childhood romance blossomed into full-blown Christian cliche when they married and started work in Africa as a doctor (Tim) and nurse (Rachel). Now living in Essex with three children, their eldest son’s life-limiting disabilities have injected dramatic twists and turns to the rollercoaster of family life.

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Shattered, Gods view through lifes broken Windows

This is not a fix-it quick kind of book. Instead of the book of your dreams, this is the book you want when your dreams seem out of reach.  This brave, honest and funny devotional takes a refreshing new look at the inevitable twists and turns of life.  For all of us at some point, life events can arrive accompanied by a sense of disappointment, heartache or grief. When Rachel and Tim’s son was born with severe and complex brain damage, their hearts and dreams lay shattered. But this 40-window devotional explores how brokenness doesn’t necessarily need fixing, and that growth, transformation and abundance can actually happen at the broken edges of life.

Jesus shows us the heart and character of God. His life was hard and messy, and those at the time were baffled by such a humble demonstration of God. They got it wrong then – are we still getting it wrong now? Are we still searching for the Messiah-in-shining-armour?

Maybe, God gives us the greatest view through life’s broken windows.


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