Bible Word Sudoku


Bible Word Sudoku by Andrew Briggs

Do you like Sudoku? Or perhaps you think you might but you’ve never given it a try. Or perhaps somebody has given you this book as a present and you’ve no idea what to expect! Don’t worry – these 80 Bible-based Sudoku puzzles are pitched at a relatively mild level and come complete with a helpful introduction on how to do Sudoku (as well as the solutions at the back of the book…). Doing puzzles like this is a good, fun way of expanding your knowledge of the Bible, its characters and its teachings. Some of the words hidden in these Sudoku problems will be familiar but others will not. As well as helping to solve the puzzle, looking up the references and reading about the words in context may well be helpful and encouraging to you personally.

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Bible Word Sudoku by Andrew Briggs

It is a rare thing indeed to open any book seeking to combine the Bible with elementary mathematics, logic, and a whole- hearted sense of fun, but Andrew Briggs in his book ‘Bible Word Sudoku’ has managed to do just that! To the majority of Sudoku buffs of course, Sudoku is a combination of mathematics, logic, and fun. The skill in this book though is in the combination of these well-established principles, but using letters rather than numbers. Each puzzle has its own clue, and related Bible reference. All very clever! The transition from numbers to letters can demand particular mental adjustment at first, but that is all part of the fun, and this transitional skill can be accomplished quite smoothly by reading through the introductory ‘helps’. Eighty puzzles are graded from ‘Easy’ through to ‘Moderate’ and finally, ‘More Challenging’: should complete exasperation take hold, then solutions are on hand at the back! Yet the book potentially holds a more serious side. On checking the Bible references supplied with each puzzle, a game of Sudoku can instantly turn into a Bible study: this in itself opens the door to all manner of additional possibilities, including perhaps use in house-groups, with its blend of fun and study.


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