Your Issues; Your Problems; Your Solutions

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Problems! Like I don’t have already and then my mates keep coming to me with all their problems to offload as well.

Well, two secs, let’s have a look at these problems. you know the kind? – your girlfriend is doing some crazy diet and you’re worried about her health; there’s a party planned for the weekend and someone’s bringing a crate-load of booze; your firends are pressuring you to step outside the law; you’ve got parents who drive you up the wall or step-parents who drive you crazy – and then there’s brothers and sisters and the rest of your family and everything that goes with that; plus your parents sudden announcement of their separation and divorce… arguments… and other stuff.

There’s just too much hassle to tackle these days.

But even if your girlfriend has dumped you, your teachers are onto you about cutting class and you know that things are going from bad to worse; God can help you deal with your problems – you have to change your ideas about who he is, though. His strength will give you courage to do what is right. Give your heartache to God and live life to full.

So for each issue there are solutions – some Straightalk will help you find them.

Each chapter of Straightalk details a teen-specific life or family issue with real-life discussion and prayer. Scripture verses give God’s direct input to your problems.

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