Lent For Everyone : Mark


Year B

Barcode: 9780281062225

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  • For individual and small group study
  • This Lent study by Tom Wright brings thoughtfulness and accessibility
  • You’ll discover a closer understanding of the Gospel of Mark
Tom Wright’s Lent for Everyone: Mark gives you 53 easy-to-follow daily devotionals for private study or group exploration by Christians of any tradition or denomination.

Each devotional of no more than 3 or 4 pages includes the whole of the relevant Bible text making Tom Wright’s easy-to-carry book an all-in-one Lent study course.

In his familiar, comfortable style Tom Wright guides with clarity and confidence through the whole of Mark’s gospel. Supporting references from the Psalms and complementary gospel of John help you understand Jesus’ life, death and resurrection in the context his time, today’s world and God’s eternal plan.



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