Cover to Cover: Complete NIV Edition


Chronological Reading Plan

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A thrilling journey through the Bible as it happened, letting you see God’s eternal purposes unfold before your eyes as you read through the entire NIV Bible text.

This is a Bible-reading plan with a difference. Cover to Cover Complete, based on the bestselling Cover to Cover: Through the Bible as it happened, will take you on a voyage of discover through God’s Word in one year.

  • Charts, maps, illustrations and diagrams to enhance your understanding of the Bible and biblical times.
  • A timeline that runs across the bottom of each page, keeping every event in context for you.
  • Reflections each day from Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge.
  • The complete anglicised New International Version (updated in 2011), in chronological order, divided into manageable daily sections.
  • An accompanying section on the CWR website, featuring character studies, readers’ testimonies, helpful hints and much more…


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