5 Things to Pray for your Heart


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  • Struggling with praying for yourself?
  • These different prayers are made to help you grow in faith
  • You’ll discover prayer that is not just a heavenly shopping list

Have you ever felt lost for words when you pray?

It can be easy to pray for the world, just grab a newspaper; It can be easy to pray for friends and family as you see them most days; it can be easy to pray for circumstances and material needs to. But how do you pray for yourself, for your own heart?

If you’ve ever felt like this, then 5 Things to Pray for Your Heart is for you.

A guide to prayer that affects deep change in you, these prayers as a path to transformation from God. It helps you towards the ultimate aim of Christianity; to become truly Christ-like.

We all want to be changed for the better, after all. And having a shopping-list of prayer needs won’t get you there. They are prayer motivated by the world. Instead, we need our prayers to be inspired by the Bible, by things lasting, by who God is.

Each of the prayers in this simple-to-use book is inspired by a Bible passage,  and gives you five different things you can pray into your life today. They help you to change how you approach God, and your faith. Helping you to develop in a deeper faith, the open approach of 5 Things to Pray for Your Heart makes it suitable for personal and small group use.

Take a new direction in your prayer journey by working through the deeper parts of faith.

You never know, you may just find the words you’ve wanted to pray all along.



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