Basic Christianity


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  • For new Christians
  • This book clearly shows the basics of Christianity
  • New Christians will have a series of starting points for journeying in faith

In this simple straightforward book for the new-to-faith and the seeking-renewal-in-faith, the gentle yet direct words of John Stott explain the basic beliefs of the Christian faith.

The respected and loved thinker, writer and Bible scholar begins by showing that Jesus Christ really lived in history. He explains the reason for, and significance of, His life, message, death and resurrection. Concluding with a section on what it really means to become a Christian, he ends with what it actually means to live as a Christian.

The author describes basic Christianity in detail and then lays out a convincing plan of action for believers. He never lets you forget that we owe our forgiveness and reconciliation to the death of Christ.

John Stott’s Christian classic and million copy bestseller is well written, easy to follow and simple to understand. It will help you clear up some of the modern world’s misconceptions as to what a true Christian really is. And it’s a good book; proven to be a blessing to many down through the years.

This is about the most concise and complete introduction to Christianity for beginners which also serves as a good refresher and revitaliser for when you need to renew your faith in the basics of the Christian life.


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