Something More


Encountering the beyond in the everyday

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  • Want more than everyday faith?
  • John Pritchard explores faith beyond expectation, and experiences of truly authentic faith
  • You’ll discover the possibilities of a spiritual life in all its blessings
Mystery, beauty, enchantment, incompleteness, desire, suffering …In this highly readable book, John Pritchard explores around 20 experiences common to us all.

Each of these, he believes, offers us a route to a more authentic existence, an insight into some aspect of the divine.

Whether you are just starting out on spiritual exploration, or have some experience of ‘signs of transcendence’, this book will reassure you are on the right track, and point the way forward to the ‘beyond in the everyday’, the ‘something more’ we are forever designed to seek.

John Pritchard was the Bishop of Oxford before retiring in 2014, and has written many well loved books on topics such as prayer, Church, and practical theology.


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