What’s in the Bible? Vol.6


A Nation Divided

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It’s never fun to have to take sides, but after Solomon dies, a series of good and bad kings in Israel lead the country to split into two – Israel and Judah. In A Nation Divided, 39 kings take turns ruling the Israelites, and most of them do more harm than good. In fact, some of them even try to get rid of God’s people forever! But that can’t happen, so God sends good prophets like Elijah and Isaiah to remind the Israelites that the Lord is always with them.

Still, hard times are ahead when foreign kings from Assyria and Babylon conquer Israel and Judah, burn the temple in Jerusalem, and take the Israelites away from their home. A Nation Divided contains these favorite Bible stories and concepts: Jeroboam and Rehoboam Two Kingdoms Israel and Judah Elijah and the 450 Prophets of Baal Elijah fed by ravens Elisha Kings of Israel and Judah Isaiah Fall of Jerusalem Run time: Approx. 60 min


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