Hillsong Live: God is Able


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Inspiring and powerful congregational anthems from the Hillsong team. God Is Able is an offering of worship, a night of passionate praise recorded by the Hillsong team in the hopes that it would bless the Body of Christ.

It includes the songs “God Is Able”, “The Lost Are Found”, “With Us” and “Alive In Us” written and arranged for both worship services and personal times of devotion.

Recorded in November 2010 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, God Is Able is Hillsong Live’s twentieth album.

This MP3 Library on CD-ROM enables you to recreate the live Hillsong experience in a variety of musical settings, featuring:
– Split tracks
– Backing tracks
– Backing Tracks without vocals

Split and Backing Tracks are used for accompaniment. Split Backing Tracks have the lead vocal removed and the backing vocals separated from the music. Backing Tracks have the lead vocal removed, enabling you to use your own live worship leader with the Hillsong music tracks and backing vocals.


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