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Rend Collective (the UK’s most popular Christian band) releases Build Your Kingdom Here: A Rend Collective Mixtape on 19th May 2017. All of their biggest songs on one album!

A bit like the old mixtapes we used to make, back in the day but with no need for a pencil.It’s been a long time since fourteen tracks has told such a grand and honest story.

From all the way back in 2010 with their debut release Organic Family Hymnal, to their 2014 hit The Art of Celebration, Rend’s journey has been every bit as interesting and engaging as the great Tony Campolo observed when barely anyone outside their native Bangor, Northern Ireland had heard of them:

“Movements are stimulated and motivated by music, and here’s some music that will motivate Christians to participate in God’s revolution in the world. If you are committed to seeing something of the Kingdom of God made real in our world, this music will go a long way to encourage you.”

These fourteen tracks show just how boldly they have called people to join in the revolution. From Movements to Praise Like Fireworks, Second Chance to My Lighthouse, Rend have made a habit of creating not just a soundtrack for a Christian community, but investing in and nurturing that community itself.

Writing on the release of their second album, 2012’s Homemade Worship by Handmade People, Gareth Gilkeson perfectly summed up the essence of the band:

“Things that are homemade demand so much more time and love than something made from a factory, yet they are always worth it; the quality and uniqueness are what is beautiful. We refused to make an album in a studio separate from our normal lives. Humanity and the Divine are what we are celebrating here…”


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