Dyma Ni / Here we Are


Sut i Fyw ar y Ddaear / Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Barcode: 9781912261987

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Our world can be very confusing at times, especially if you have just arrived. Come to explore our planet in order to be able to answer some of the questions which threaten to make your head explode. From land and sea to people and time, this book can lead you to understand things on your own. But remember to leave notes for others… Welsh text by Eurig Salisbury.

Gall y byd hwn fod yn lle dryslyd iawn weithiau, yn enwedig os wyt ti newydd gyrraedd. Tyrd i weld y blaned lle ry’n ni’n byw, er mwyn ateb rhai o’r cwestiynau sy’n berwi yn dy ben. O’r tir a’r môr i bobl ac amser, gall y llyfr hwn dy roi ar ben ffordd. Byddi di’n dod i ddeall rhai pethau ar dy ben dy hun hefyd. Ond cofia adael nodiadau ar gyfer pawb arall…


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