4D Mini Batman Gotham City Puzzle


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The mini 4D Batman Gotham city time puzzle takes you to the gritty city of Gotham with iconic locations such as Wayne Manor, Gotham city police department, iceberg casino & lounge and more! This unique puzzle has four dimensions – a jigsaw map, topography map, 3D models and replicas with the final dimension being time represented by a poster that details history.
create a truly interactive puzzle-map that also includes a mini-led battery light located on the top of the police department building that shines the Batman logo into the sky!

the completed dimensions of the puzzle measures at approximately 76 x 40 x 63 cm.

with a total piece count of 839, You know that you are getting your money’s worth with this fantastic 4D Cityscape puzzle.

suitable for people aged 8 and up.

Safety Warning

Not applicable for children under the age of three years


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