Alan Titchmarsh – Knave of Spades


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A happy childhood doesn’t always make for a smooth path in life. So leaving the comfort and familiarity of his adored Yorkshire home, Alan Titchmarsh still had a lot to prove. A less than distinguished school record meant his new chosen path in life—as a gardener—had a lot to make up for. And it did. Alan’s apprenticeship at Kew Gardens brought him the best training and above all companionship he could want as he began his new southern life. Meanwhile he was also beginning to tread the boards—finding his love of stage and song with a local operatic society. And then of course there was the other love he discovered. From its fumbling beginnings Alan was to begin another journey as confirmed romantic—at last finding the love of his life. In this witty and warm coming of age memoir Alan Titchmarsh proves once again why he is a British national treasure.


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