HH: Terrible Trenches Field Book


Horrible Histories

Barcode: 9781407191171

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Puts the Terrible Trenches in a whole new light. This commemorative guide to life on the Front Line marks 100 years since the end of the war with full-colour illustrations, fact file fold-outs, trench letters and much, much more. From foul food to coping with legions of lice – discover all the dire details of life in the blood and mud of the First World War trenches. Want to know . . . how your own wee could save your life? . . . which animals wore gas masks? . . . why Big Bertha terrified the Brits? How would YOU survive? Get the facts – from both sides of the barbed wire – in this immersive and fascinating guide to the First World War from Terry Deary and illustrator, Martin Brown.


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