A Welcome in the Valley


A Valleys Saga

Barcode: 9781788635660

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An emotional story of ordinary people and their far-from-ordinary lives.

A small Welsh town hosts a lively and varied community – and none more so than Nelly Luke, the cheerful Cockney widow who made a ramshackle cottage her cosy, if unconventional, home.

Nelly’s generosity and wisdom win her many friends: Fay, the young newly-wed; Amy, the glamorous shopkeeper whose private life is colourful indeed; and her dignified sister Prue, whose family cupboard contains more than a few skeletons.

Against the mounting excitement of the Coronation summer, Nelly steers her friends and family through storms and sunshine alike…

A Welcome in the Valley will enchant readers of Rosie Clarke and Margaret Dickinson.


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