The Frumious Bandersnatch


An 87th Precinct Novel

Barcode: 9781407231112

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Diva disappeared…This was supposed to be the night that launched a new pop idol into the firmament.

Tamar Valparaiso has it all: young and beautiful with the body and voice of an angel. And just as importantly she is going to hit all the right demographics. So, tonight, she is going to make debut performance of her first single – Bandersnatch – on a luxury motor-launch in the heart of the city. But this is when she becomes Detective Steve Carella’s problem.

Halfway through her performance – and watched by millions of fans – masked men drag Tamar off the stage and into the bowels of a waiting speedboat.

Now the city is in uproar and the responsibility of getting her back safely lies on Carella’s shoulders …


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