Damage Control


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An exhilarating tale of modern espionage and adventure featuring US Navy intelligence officer Alan Craig.During a fleet exercise in India, Alan Craig faces a minefield of explosive events that threaten to tear the country and a US battle group apart. A military base is attacked by ‘fringe elements’; an Indian submarine mutinies and then shoots down a US Navy aircraft and a group of Indian scientists are killed when they are attacked with Saran gas.

Craig, ignoring the conventional wisdom that the incidents are unrelated, believes that a fanatical group have control of certain elements of both the Indian government and its armed forces. Then the rebels seize part of India’s nuclear arsenal. Suddenly, a U.S. carrier battle group joins Pakistan, China, and Saudi Arabia on the target list. The world is faced with the spectacle of a nuclear-capable nation in the hands of a self-destructive religious cult, and it’s up to Craig and a team of specialists to re-capture the nukes and prevent massive devastation.


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