The Deep Well at Noon


Barcode: 9781444739077

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The first title in a trilogy which tells of the life and loves of Holly Beckman, who must make a decision between love and ambition, unaware of the tragedies that line both paths.

When Holly Beckman inherits a quarter share of James Aspinall’s antique shop, his dissolute son David and snobbish daughter Andrea are outraged. But the girl from the back streets of Lambeth has already faced enemies more daunting than the Mayfair smart set…

Aided by her astute Russian grandfather, Holly defies her father’s drunken rages, her brother’s criminal plans and David Aspinall’s seductive charms.

But Holly has one weakness. Christopher Deems, a handsome poet scarred by the Great War, drives Holly to a fateful decision between love and ambition. She cannot know that tragedy lies in wait for her down each shadowed path.


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