Rainbow’s End


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Liverpool, 1904. When Ada Docherty gives birth to twins, Deidre and Donal, in her tiny house in Evangelist Court, she has no choice but to make Ellen, her eldest daughter, bring them up, for she must work to feed seven hungry mouths. But in Dublin, Maggie McVeigh’s lot is even harder, for she sleeps on straw in a tumbledown tenement. When a local woman, Mrs Nolan, needs someone to look after her sons, Maggie takes on the job and finds security and comfort – and love, too, with the eldest boy, Liam. When war is declared, life changes dramatically.

Ellen, newly in love, follows her young man to France – but does he share her feelings? A tragedy sends Liam off to the trenches whilst at home wartime shortages and a constant stream of bad news affect both families. But a surprise is awaiting them. Let yourself be swept away by this warm and delightful story of two families struggling through poverty and hardship to reach their Rainbow’s End.


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