Death on The Lizard


The Victorian Mystery series

Barcode: 9780857300355

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The twelfth title in The Victorian Mysteries series sure to delight fans of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.

Lizard Village, 1903. Cornwall is rich with natural wonders: gorgeous shorelines and imposing cliffs. But these natural beauties conceal dangerous secrets, as amateur detectives Lord and Lady Sheridan discover.

Wireless telegraph companies around the world scramble to develop the new communications technology. But an Italian named Guglielmo Marconi beats them to it. His feat has bruised some egos, but no one expects sabotage, much less murder. After two apparently accidental deaths at the Marconi wireless transmission station, Charles, Lord Sheridan, is asked to head an investigation and finds that valuable equipment has disappeared. And when Kate discovers the truth behind the drowning of a local girl, it becomes clear that these deaths and the dirty tricks at the station are connected.


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