Apples – an Appreciation


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We tend to take apples for granted. They are so familiar, almost commonplace, that it is easy to forget that there is much, much more to the humble apple than a teacher’s favourite snack or a wholesome pie.With thousands of varieties grown worldwide, the apple is tasty, healthy and a feature of many recipes, customs and celebrations.The apple has become part of our history and culture, influencing art, literature, must and if the story about Newton is true, even science.

Our language is full of apple related stains; one of the biggest names in technology is named after one- and apples even have their own city! So come and join our apple appreciation – a light-heated, yet informative study of this most versatile of fruit.This book covers the history of apples, varieties, pests and diseases, health and Nutrition, fragrance and flavour, recipes using apples including drinks, Apple crafts, games and apple trivia.


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