Has Science killed God?


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World-leading experts tackle challenging issues of science and faith.

Here are 20 papers from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, which is a UK educational charity, and a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation which is an affiliate of Cambridge University. In addition to academic research, the Institute engages in the public understanding of science and religion by means of courses, conferences, lectures, seminars and the media.

The Faraday Papers provide the general reader with accessible and readable introductions to the relationship between science and religion, written by a broad range of authors who are expert in the field. They are intended to be read by those without a scientific background. Here they are collected for the first time into a single volume.

Contributors include:
Has Science Killed God? – Prof. Alister McGrath FRSA
The Science and Religion Debate, an Introduction – Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS
Why Care for the Environment? – Prof. Sir John Houghton FRS
Ethical Issues in Genetic Modification – Prof. John Bryant
The Age of the Earth – Prof. Bob White FRS
Creation and Evolution not Creation or Evolution – Prof. R.J. Berry FRSE


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