It’s Your Move (Pack of 10) – 6 or more for £15 each if bought by May 22


Your guide to moving to secondary school.

Barcode: 9781844278886

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  • A guide for children transitioning to high school
  • It’s Your Move offers real advice and support for young children
  • Trusted across the country, It’s Your Move is a truly useful resource
It’s Your Move! has been given to over one million Year 6 children across the UK each year since 2001, as part of a programme helping them make the transition from primary to secondary school.
This revised edition features all-new real-life story profiles and articles, more interactive elements and an updated design for 2015.

  • Gives help and advice to children as they make the move from primary to secondary school
  • Gives children something fun with which they can remember their primary school
  • Provides a starting point for lessons and assemblies about moving on up to secondary school
  • Gives churches another way to serve their local schools and the children who go to them
  • Provides a mechanism for churches to make first contact with local schools, if they don’t already have a relationship with them.

It is a big deal moving from primary to secondary school. At 11 or 12, children are used to the secure environment of primary school, where their friends are close by. Now they’re leaping into a much bigger, unfamiliar place where there’s lots of teenage kids rushing about… small fish in a BIG pond springs to mind!


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