Highlighter Dry Pencil Set (6)



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The 6 Piece Assorted Color Dry Pencil Bible Marker Set is a great addition to your Bible study toolbox!

6 brightly coloured neon pencils are packaged in a PVC-pouch with a fold over closure.  The pencils come in yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and green.  Each pencil has a naturally ergonomically triangular design that provides a stable grip.

Start off light and adjust the darkness of the colour to your liking.  These dry highlighters will not bleed through the delicate Bible paper.  The highlighters can be used to highlight passages or even colour pages as part of Bible Journaling.

The pencils in the Dry Pencil Bible Marker Set is responsibly sources and is not made from harvested rain forest wood.  A great win for the environment!

These highlighters are non-toxic and safe for children to use so treat the kids with a set each!


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