Garden Pests and Diseases


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This is an illustrated guide to common problems and how to deal with them successfully. It is an illustrated identifier of common and rare garden pests and diseases, and a practical problem solver, with over 900 photographs. Keep pests in check by managing the health of your garden soil and encouraging natural predators and beneficial insects in the garden.

You can learn to identify every type of garden pest, from mammals and birds, to bugs, wasps, flies, butterflies, caterpillars, beetles, nematodes, and other invertebrates. It shows you how to prevent diseases, viruses, fungi and bacteria from taking hold and spreading around the garden. Divided by category, this comprehensive book lists over 800 problems, pests, diseases, disorders and weeds.

This is a guide to the most common garden problems, and some rarer ones too, and how to identify and eradicate them using organic and inorganic means. Divided by category, this reference book lists alphabetically every physiological problem, pest, disease, disorder and weed that might find its way into the garden. 800 pests and diseases are identified and discussed, with solutions and treatments described for every problem.

Over 900 clear photographs are provided for the purposes of better identification. By using this volume any gardener can learn not only how to treat garden pests and diseases, but more importantly how to prevent them arriving or spreading, and also how to eradicate many pests by encouraging natural predators and beneficial insects into the garden.


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