Folk Tales for Bold Girls


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Do you think that old stories are all about princes and princesses, knights and heroes, giants and monsters? Not always … these are stories from around the world about girls like you and girls you might know: clever, strong, brave and resourceful.
If you are aged between 7 and 12 years old you will enjoy reading the stories of Vasilisa, who wasn’t afraid of the deep dark forest; Mollie Whuppie, who knew how to trick a giant; Tipingi, who was able to call on her friends to help her get out of trouble; Tegwedd, who used her magic powers to help others;
and many more fearless girls.
Fiona Collins has been a storyteller for a long time. She knows the old tales, and how to make them fresh and new. With magical illustrations of these young heroines by talented artist Ed Fisher, this is a book to treasure.
Casgliad o straeon gwerin o wledydd amrywiol ar draws y byd am ferched dewr a mentrus, i ysbrydoli a chydio yn nychymyg darllenwyr ifanc.


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