Terms and Conditions

By using this website you agree to be bound by the conditions as set out below.
For more detail on various policies please use the links at the bottom or on the side of this page.
To contact us about this document please follow the ‘Contact Us’ link above.


  • By placing an order you agree to our delivery and returns policy.
  • When you order you will be given email updates to tell you that we are preparing and delivering your order.
  • Ordered the wrong item? Please follow the procedure laid out in the returns policy,
  • Received the wrong item? Please phone or email us to tell us what has happened – we will pay for the postage upon receipt of goods.

Paying for Goods

To pay for your order you have a few options

  • Local collection and payment in store
    • When you collect your order in store you have the option to pay in whatever way you wish, at the till.
  • Square
    • Square is a card processing company that uses a secure payment application.
    • You have to enter your card details each time you use this option.
    • No card details are stored on our website.
  • PayPal
    • PayPal is a world wide payment processing application
    • If you use the PayPal app, you will be redirected to PayPal’s website to make the payment.
    • BOOKS Plus itself doesn’t store any card details you provide to PayPal.
    • BOOKS Plus will however know your PayPal email address.
    • When you use PayPal you have the option to either pay with your card details or your PayPal account.
    • If you choose to use an account, your web browser may remember your details for the next time you use our website. This information is not stored on our website.

My Payment has been declined?

  • If payment has been declined, please ensure details are correct and that your card is in date.
  • If payment still has been declined then please check with your bank.

What about Coupons and Gift Cards?

  • Coupon
    • Coupons must be entered before you ‘Place Order’
    • To enter your coupon code please follow the blue link at the top of the checkout page.
    • If you do not enter it at this point we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to use it.
  • Gift Cards
    • Gift Cards are an area we develop very soon.
    • Please note, for the time being, we are not able to accept national book tokens online.
      • If you wish to pay using a national book token then get in contact with us or come in to the store and pay at the till.

What about VAT?

  • We are a VAT registered Charity.
  • All of our prices are VAT inclusive.
  • The Subtotal and Total fields are worked out inclusive of VAT.
  • If you require a VAT invoice please contact us and ask for one.

Delivery & Returns Terms

  • BOOKS Plus’s website can only ship to the UK by default.
    • Please contact us for information and a quote on overseas delivery.
  • BOOKS Plus aims to ship out all orders within one working day.
    • However on weekends or holidays there may be a delay.
    • Please phone through if there is a delay.
  • BOOKS Plus will remain the legal owner of the goods until they have been paid for.
  • BOOKS Plus will endeavour to ensure your delivery is smooth and efficient, taken with great care.
  • If you have faulty items or are short please contact us to tell us immediately.
  • Upon requesting a returns or an exchange it is your responsibility to ensure that the products are treated carefully. We expect that the products will be returned to us in their original condition (Unless faulty to begin with).
  • For faulty returns or mistakes made by us, BOOKS Plus will pay the returns fee. We ask that you pay for the postage initially and then we will credit you the extra.
  • For anything else you are expected to pay the return fee.
  • For more information please follow the delivery and returns policy.

My BOOKS Plus Account

  • To be able to use our website you do’nt need an account with us. However you can make an account: Sign up here.
  • More information on how we handle your data, including how to access your data/ request it to be deleted, please go to our privacy and cookie policy.
  • All information pertaining to your address, email, name and order history can be found on the ‘Your Account’ tab above.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your personal data is correct and secured with an effective, secure and private password.
  • BOOKS Plus reserves the right to delete accounts we think are spam or fraudulent.
  • BOOKS Plus will never access or amend your personal details, unless specifically requested by you, with appropriate identification.
  • BOOKS Plus will not use your personal data or purchase history for the purpose of targeted advertisements.
  • All data held by us is kept solely on our website hosting company storage. For more information on their security features please follow the link to 34sp’s website here (external website).
  • BOOKS Plus will not download or store your data. BOOKS Plus will however print your data onto a label and order form used solely for processing and sending your order.

Use of the Blog and Commenting, Reviewing and Replying.

  • Please remember that if you use the Blog, Commenting, Reviewing or Replying features of this website then you are agreeing with our privacy policy. Please follow the link below to find out more information.
  • By contributing to these features your name will appear next to your opinion on our public facing website.
  • Blog
    • If you want to write a Blog, please get in contact.
    • All posts must be respectful and in keeping with our values as being compassionate and a good witness.
    • All media you share must be without copyright restrictions.
    • Any Blog that is deemed to be in violation of this, will be deleted.
    • If this is repeated we reserve the right to block your account.
  • Commenting, Reviewing and Replying. 
    • As with the Blog we expect all comments to be respectful and kind.
    • We believe in the right to hold a different opinion, but request that all views are shared with respect to each other.
    • BOOKS Plus reserves the right to delete any thread written by anyone on our site.
    • Repeated deletions of comments will lead to account deletion.

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