Time In His Presence

Hello, my name is Dan.

I have been a Christian since I was seven and have been privileged to have been brought up in a Christian family. Since a young age my dad has introduced me to Christian music and it has became a big part of my faith. Christian music can remind us of God’s word and help us to remember it, Christian music can remind us of God’s promises too, encouraging us when we have times of doubts in our faith.

I find it amazing how God gives ideas and inspiration to people, inspiring them to work for His glory. Personally, Christian music is one of the ways that God helps me to connect and spend time with Him. In moments of worry and distress God can really help me focus on Him when I listen and focus on the lyrics of Christian Music. By Focusing on the lyrics I can meditate on the beauty of God and He encourages me through that.

One song I could share with you is Slide by Chris Howland featuring Joey Vantes. Chris Howland says, “Slide is all about away from the noise of life and being alone with God.” He goes on and says prayer is a powerful thing and “can totally change your outlook on things”. I have learnt you can do this through Christian music too and would encourage you to try it and most importantly spend time with God.

I hope my little blog has encouraged you. This will hopefully be the first of a series about how music helps and encourages me in my faith. I might share some of my own lyrics and song with you too.


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